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Hospital Management & Information System - HMIS

Originally developed and designed in collaboration with a running hospital from last 3 decade. Hospital consist of many departments and hundreds of beds facility. Every single activity from OPD to labs, till discharge of patient is fully automated and connected.

Salient features

- E-Patient No.
- SMS alert on patient mobile on every stage.
- Auto Queue system for patients to reach relevant doctor desk.
- Connected labs.
- Patient History.
- Online Reports for Top Management.

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Online Recruitment & Information System - ORIS

Effectively operational from last 3 years.
Till date over 200k online application received and database of over 2 million records. System is backed with online reports of applicant pool.

Salient features:

- Auto open and close for applicants.
- Edit Application option for applicants before closing date.
- Auto email to applicant email on successful completion of application.
- Online reports for each position for Admin/Management.
- Auto email to applicants in case of announcement.
- Build-In Query/Feedback Management System.

Training Management & Information System - TMIS

TMIS is specially designed to full fill the organization need without effecting their current working flow. Can easily integrated with any type of small/large organization. Its unique design and flow is so easy to understand and anyone can use it without intense training. TMIS not only save time but also the resources of organization and help to organize any type of training, courses or seminar.

Salient features:

- Launch training for everybody or specific group of people.
- Track an employee/department engagement.
- Reports at each step.
- Built-In Attendance/Feedback system

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